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From 15th July until 02nd August 2019, the Center for Evaluation, the Center for Continuous Education at University of Bern and the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank conducted the world-famous International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) for the second time. About 200 participants from more than 80 countries joined in the Swiss capital city Bern for working in the one-week core program or one of the twenty additional workshops.

In comparison to last year, there are certain renewals and innovations in the core course, developed and implemented by CEval. A new trainer team supported the participants, composed of Reinhard Stockmann, Wolfgang Meyer (CEval), Stefanie Krapp (Uni Bern) and two experienced instructors from CLEAR-centers in Africa and Latin America, Candice Morkel and Gabriela Perez. The participants reacted very positive not only on the instructors but also on the modernized and didactically revised program. Therefore, the IPDET team successfully renewed and adapted the highly recommended and approved training program to new developments and challenges. The newly-laid basis should be accomplished by online-features and tutorial support during the next years, making IPDET even more attractive.


The twenty well-attended workshops covered a broad variety of topics like for instance qualitative data collection methods, evaluation in the UN, private sector evaluation, participatory evaluation or the use of evaluation evidence, giving at least an insight in the different theoretical and methodical approaches globally used for various forms of evaluations. Accompanying the reformed one-week core course, several consolidation workshops were offered on a fundamental level. This provided new opportunities for the participants to design there training program more individually and adapted to their personal needs. Especially people who are responsible for commissioning evaluations in national or transnational organizations highly appreciated these options and the availability of attractive offers for their own needs. CEval contributed to this with two well-acclaimed workshops (“Evaluation for Middle and Upper Management” and “Monitoring and Evaluating the SDGs”).

For 2020, the IPDET team is planning further important new steps forward: the decentralization of course program to other countries. Currently, there are negotiations with CLEAR-centers and some Universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, leading towards the first offers of a decentralized program next year. CEval is developing an adequate concept, cooperating with the IPDET consortium partners and the World Bank. The new program will be strongly linked to IPDET in Bern and will open new opportunities for additional course offers as well as the participation of new target groups.