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The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) is an executive evaluation training, first implemented in 2001 as a joint collaboration between the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank Group, and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Until 2016, more than 3.500 participants from 125 countries came to IPDET from government and nongovernmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, research institutes, universities, and the private sector.

In 2017, IEG endorsed the consortium of University of Berne, Switzerland, and CEval for a relaunch of the renewed program after a global call for proposals. In July 16-27, 2018, the University of Berne will host IPDET 2.0 for the first time. The application process is open until May 13, 2018 (for further information see The program includes a one-week core course training, provided by Ray Rist and Linda Mora Imas, and several two or three-day workshops offered by internationally well-respected trainers such as Michael Patton or Jos Vaessen.

The new IPDET 2.0 brings together two key evaluation hubs in Europe, the Center for Continuing Education (ZUB) at University of Berne and the Center for Evaluation (CEval) at Saarland University. They both offer Europe’s longest-standing demand-oriented Master of evaluation programs and additional tailor-made continuing education trainings in evaluation. It is their duty to jointly develop IPDET 2.0 by modernizing both the content and its didactical presentation as well as the modes of delivery in the digital age.

In cooperation with CEval, University of Berne will annually host IPDET 2.0 in July and offer an attractive training program for a broad variety of different clients. Further information is available at or by contacting the Head of Program in Berne, Dr. Stefanie Krapp (stefanie.krapp(at)

Contact person at CEval:

Ass. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Meyer                                                  
Saarland University