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The director of the CEval is Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann, who has been conducting evaluations all over the world for almost 30 years. He has also taught in a number of countries and published several textbooks and reference books on the subject of evaluation. These have furthermore been translated into various languages. Prof. Dr. Stockmann is the holder of the Chair of Sociology at Saarland University, head of the masters study course in evaluation and executive editor of the Zeitschrift für Evaluation.

The academic study areas are headed by PD habil. Dr. Wolfgang Meyer, Dr. Vera Hennefeld and Dr. Stefan Silvestrini. The interdisciplinary CEval team consists of experts from various different faculties such as sociology and science of management, economics, political and educational science.

The managing director of CEval GmbH is Dr. Stefan Silvestrini, who has been researching and teaching in the field of evaluation for more than ten years.