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Scientific associations

German Evaluation Society (DeGEval)

The men and women who work at our institute are active in many ways in the DeGEval. Three working groups (evaluation of development policy, evaluation in the environmental sector and evaluation of culture and cultural policy) were founded and led for many years by CEval staff members. They are currently active as spokespersons in two working groups:

Apart from that, the CEval was involved in the founding of the ethics working group, though the latter is not active at present.

All our staff members are active in at least one DeGEval working group. In addition to that, they participate regularly in the spring and annual conferences of the DeGEval and contribute with papers to the academic and scientific discourse.

International scientific associations

Our staff members are also active in international scientific associations for evaluation. They have organised various panels, workshops and sessions on questions for the conferences of the European Evaluation Society (EES) and the Red De Seguimiento, Evaluación Y Sistematización En América Latina Y El Caribe (ReLAC).

Contribution to the establishment of evaluation standards

Representatives of the CEval have contributed to the development of the German and Ugandan evaluation standards. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann is currently advising the standards commission of ReLAC on the development of appropriate Latin American standards.