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Training and coaching

For our individual training courses and coaching sessions, together with our customers, we develop concepts which are tailored both in terms of their content and the way they are organised to cater to the latter's respective needs and wishes. The spectrum includes individual coaching sessions, training courses for small groups, and in-house training courses in national and international contexts. The topics covered include the imparting of fundamental evaluation knowledge, content for more advanced students (e.g. on the specific methodologies of data collection and analysis procedures) and the handling of evaluation praxis issues, e.g. planning and organisation of evaluations, conception and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems.

These individually conceived further education options can be put together as parts of a modular building-block system. The contents are comprised in four module categories and can be adapted as required.

Moreover, the curricula are tailored to fit in with the professional field concerned and extended to include practical examples from the six areas on which the CEval focuses, or from the praxis of our customers' work. 

For further information is available in our further education brochure.

Otherwise, simply contact us! We will be glad to be at your service for a personal consultation.

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