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Evaluation & research

As a scientific institute, the CEval combines evaluation and consulting assignments with pure-research-oriented topics. Both clients and science itself benefit from this in equal measure. Clients can rest assured that they will always be advised in accordance with the newest theoretical and methodological research insights, and that the evaluations conducted on their behalf meet current scientific and academic standards. Evaluation assignments enable science to open up new topic areas and evaluation questions which call for innovative solutions. By the publication of professional publications, scientific articles and textbooks and participation in conferences, new evaluation methodologies and findings are ploughed back into the academic and scientific discourse.

At the same time, our contract and pure research and our consultancy services benefit from the (university) education and training component, for example when scientific qualification papers are written which also provide clients with additional insights. In addition to that, all our staff members engage regularly in further studies of theoretical and methodological teaching in the field of evaluation research.

With a profile like this, we at the institute clearly apply correspondingly high quality standards to our work. These improve the quality of our results, so our clients also benefit from them.