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Our services

  1. Contract and pure research
    • Ex-ante-, interim, final and ex-post evaluations, meta-evaluations
    • Impact and sustainability investigations
    • Process and efficiency analyses
    • System, sector, division and strategy evaluations
    • Organisational and network analyses
  1. Consulting
    • Scientific supervision of internally conducted evaluations and evaluation consulting
    • Development, implementation and application of impact-oriented monitoring systems
    • Advice on the awarding and management of external evaluations
  1. Education and training
    • The postgraduate study course 'Master of Evaluation'
    • Individual coaching sessions, training courses for small groups and tailor-made in-house training courses, all adapted individually to suit your requirements

The main points of emphasis in our work: 

  1. Development cooperation: e.g. state and non-state cooperation, capacity development, training assignments and in-situ work abroad relating to development policy, humanitarian aid
  2. Education: e.g. school, vocational and tertiary education, promotion of graduates and research
  3. Culture: e.g. foreign and German cultural policy, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, promotion of art and culture, international media cooperation, instruments of information and communication
  4. Job market: e.g. regional research, cross-border job markets, active job market policy, instruments of corporate development, trade union research
  5. Environment: e.g. communication on environment and sustainability, sustainable economies and sustainable production chains, environmental education and enlightenment, environmental behaviour, environmentally friendly consumption
  6. Health and social affairs: e.g. health enlightenment, education and training in health and social affairs, social advisory institutions