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New continuing education master's degree in evaluation to start in October 2022

The interdisciplinary, part-time Master's program in the field of scientific continuing education (German-language) supports the professionalization of evaluation. The program offers the possibility of further qualification for practical evaluation work, but also for work in science and research (doctoral option). The study concept offers theoretical, research methodological and practical evaluation basics for this purpose. In addition, the course provides an overview of the areas of application of evaluation in various policy fields such as education, development cooperation, European policy, the labor market and social services, which are then deepened on the basis of selected examples with regard to the forms of application, areas of application and methodological standardization. Students will gain a comprehensive insight into the many facets of evaluation work beyond their previous field of activity and acquire theoretical as well as methodological skills at the cutting edge of knowledge from a variety of different application areas. More information can be found in the flyer or on the website