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The Evaluation Globe Project, conducted by the Center for Evaluation at Saarland University under the direction of Reinhard Stockmann and Wolfgang Meyer, is dedicated to a systematic exploration of the institutionalization of evaluation in a global perspective. The first volume, which takes on developments in Europe, has now been published in German by the Waxmann publishing house. It was previously published in English at Palgrave Macmillan. Based on a structured research guide that ensures comparability, the individual contributions examine developments in different social systems: the political, the social, and the professional. 

In addition to 16 country case studies covering different regions of Europe, the volume also considers the influence of selected international or supranational organizations on the institutionalization process. The systematic methodology of the volume leads to a summarizing 'synthesis' of the findings of the country studies in the last chapter. Thus, the volume provides important insights into the institutionalization of evaluation in Europe. In the coming years, volumes on North and Latin America as well as Asia-Pacific and Africa will follow.

Click here to find the publication of the German edition on the Waxmann website.

Here you can find the English version on the Palgrave / Macmillan website.