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Although evaluation is booming worldwide, little is known about the institutionalisation of evaluation in individual countries throughout the world. In order to overcome this lack of knowledge, the Center for Evaluation (CEval) of Saarland University has launched the research project “Evaluation Globe – Compendium on the Institutionalisation of Evaluation” that uses a comprehensive theoretical and methodological concept to examine the degree of institutionalization in all countries where evaluation plays a significant role. A distinction is made between the political, social and professional systems.

The results for Europe are now available with Palgrave MacMillan (more information you may find here). The book describes both, prior developments and current states of evaluation in 16 European countries and across the European Union (EU). These country reports, which have been written by selected researchers and authors from each of the countries, lead to a concluding comparison and overall synthesis.

This is the first of four volumes to be followed by volumes on the Americas, Africa, and Asia & Australia.

The overall aim is to provide an interdisciplinary audience with cross-country learning to enable them to better understand the institutionalisation of evaluation in different nations, world regions and sectors.