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The Center for Evaluation CEval at Saarland University in Germany is working for more than 15 years for improving the quality of evaluations and for empowering evaluators worldwide through Evaluation capacity development (ECD) initiatives. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann, chair of Sociology, is leading the Institute since its foundation. Nowadays about 15 persons are working at CEval as scientific and non-scientific staff. CEval is a unique research and training institution for evaluation in Germany, providing contributions to all four tracks of gLOCAL – - a platform-based, one-week series of evaluation events to share knowledge about developments in the current evaluation landscape (click here for more information).

CEval-Evaluation day is planned for June 3rd and will offer a broad overview on these activities. CEval is involved in several activities on Evaluation Capacity Development and this will be the main focus at CEval-Evaluation Day. Three activities will be presented: firstly, the blended learning study program on Evaluation MABLE, hosted by Saarland University in cooperation with the Distance Learning Center of the Technical University Kaiserslautern, offers a worldwide option for attaining an University Degree by adding e-learning to face-to-face trainings. Secondly, CEval is involved in the International Program for Development Evaluation Training IPDET, hosted at the University Bern and managed jointly by the Center for Continuous Learning ZUW at University Bern, the Independent Evaluation Group IEG of World Bank and CEval. Due to the shut down caused by the Corona-crisis, IPDET 2020 has to be delivered in a different way and this will be announced here. Finally, CEval is involved into University cooperations with two Universities in Latin America, the University Costa Rica UCR in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the Catholic University PUCE in Quito, Ecuador. There will be some activities organized by both Partner Universities and some will be included into the CEval-Evaluation Day in Spanish language.

CEval is also very active in Evaluation Methods, three research projects will be presented: the Evaluation GLOBE, global stocktaking of the institutionalization of Evaluation, and methodologies for ex-ante evaluation. CEval is also working on sustainable development and sustainability for many years and therefore is doing research, evaluations and trainings on the Evaluation of SDGs. While one of CEval's staff is speaker of the European Evaluation Society Thematic Working Group Evaluating Sustainable Development, CEval provides a round table talk of experts on the Evaluation of SDGs for Evaluation 2030. CEval shows how global evaluation capacity development and research can be organized at local level - and invites interested people from all over the world to join these initiatives. You are welcome to attend our online conference!

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