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CEval advises ASEAN Secretariat in developing an M&E-framework

Increasingly institutions recognize the benefit of results-based M&E-systems for evidence based program steering and organizational development. This trend also refelcts in an increasing number of requests for consultancy services for developing such systems. After the project for implementing an organization-wide M&E-system for Engagement Global was just successfully accomplished in June 2017, CEval now advises the ASEAN Secretariat on behalf of the GIZ in developing a methodological and operative framework for systematic results-based monitoring. The project comprises conceptual advise as well as a capacity development component that aims at qualifing the staff of the four responsible M&E divisions of the Secretariat.


The picture above shows Dr. Stefan Silvestrini with the participants of the training that recently was conducted at the Secretariat's HQ in Jakarta and the GIZ program manager, Ms. Heppner. Further interactive workshops for outlining the operational design of the M&E-system are planned for autumn this year.


Blended Learning study program evaluation endorsed. New opportunity in english language starts in autum 2017

Saarland University responible committees decided to introduce a new blended-learning study program Master of Evaluation (MABLE) in winter semester 2017/18. This study program bases on long lasting experiences with a German Master program in Saarbruecken. The curricula for MABLE was developed by CEval and technically implemented as an online-based teaching format supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and GIZ. CEval tested this program in cooperation with local partners in Africa and Latin America. 

Together with the Distand Study Center (DISC) at TU Kaiserslautern, Saarland University offers this new Blended-Learning Master of Evaluation in Englisch language. The main target groups of the program evaluators and staff of national or international organizations being responsible for evaluations. Experienced evaluation experts are guiding through the various content in online tutorials and there are two one-week phases of attendance for personal exchange. The study program ends with a Master thesis and Saarland University grants the title "Master of Arts".

Further information is available here 


Workshop in the Costa Rican Parliament on Regulatory Impact Assessment

In Costa Rica, the German Evaluation Institute for Development Cooperation (DEval) supports the development of evaluation capacities. In March 2017, the regional project FOCEVAL (Evaluation Capacity Development) organized two Regulatory Impact Assessment meetings with representatives of the Costa Rican Parliament. The Costa Rican government would like to introduce ex-ante evaluations of laws and strengthen its competence in ex-post evaluations.


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann


Prof Dr. Reinhard Stockmann presented the scientific experiences with evaluation draft laws and laws in Germany, Austria and Switzerland during these two-day workshops and presented successes and obstacles. He has also introduced the methodology and tools used to evaluate laws and draft laws. In addition, he has formulated recommendations for the successful establishment of a Regulatory Impact Assessment, which was met with great interest on the part of the parliamentary representatives.

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Asian Center for Evaluation in Preparation

The level of interest in the introduction of a Master in Evaluation in a format developed by the German Association for International Cooperation (giz) and the Center for Evaluation (CEval) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is high worldwide. This is a blended learning course based on the teaching content of the Saarbrücken Master. Blended means that online and presence learning are combined.

In February 2017 Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann visited the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to discuss the introduction of this master with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

There is a great demand for evaluators in Sri Lanka. As early as 2003, a national evaluation plan was adopted. Since 2016, Parliament has provided a budget for evaluations and a parliamentary group of interest "Sri Lanka Parliamentary Form for Evaluation" (SLPFE) has formed. Despite a constantly increasing demand for evaluations, however, there are hardly any opportunities for further education and training, a Master course does not exist. The introduction of the Saarbrücker Master in a Blended Learning Format is therefore considered. In addition, a concept paper for the establishment of a "Center for Evaluation" was developed in a joint workshop. Based on the tasks profile and the structure of the Saarbrücken "Center for Evaluation", an Asian "twin" is the goal, with wich CEval will cooperate in teaching and research.


Book on sustainability policies in development assistance published

Michael von Hauff and Claudia Kuhnke from the TU Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern University of Technology) have published an anthology on sustainability policies in development assistance via Routledge. Reinhard Stockmann and Wolfgang Meyer from the Center for Evaluation contributed a chapter on the evaluation of sustainable development to this volume.

The volume can be now purchased at an introductory price via Routledge. Please find mor detailed information here.